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The complete starter kit for shopping maternity wear

Written by Chelsea Lam


Posted on May 10 2016

As you progress through your second trimester and approach the third, you'll start to realise your clothes you're starting to outgrow your outfits. Before rushing to the nearest maternity online store to purchase your next outfit, take some time to consider these tips to finding the right maternity wear online.

From the basics to must-haves, here is a crash course on how to get your starter kit.

1. The Must-Haves

If you are a new mother or have not own any maternity apparels before, basic tees (be it loose or body hugging) are a must have. These are tops to wear on your lazy days. There are casual tops that look great and not shabby as well.

Material to look out for: Cotton, Spandex
Measurements to look out for in Tops: Bust, Waist

Invest in a pair of shorts, jeans and leggings. They will be your favourite pieces as your tummy starts growing.
A pair of denim maternity shorts will go a long way

Measurements to look out for: Waist, Hips

2. The Date Night

Once you have invested in the Must-Haves, you can start pairing your bottoms with slightly fanciful tops. Long tops with leggings gives you comfort all night long. If you are thinking what long tops should you be looking at, click on the link here for some suggestions.

If you want to wear it even after pregnancy to make your money worth, try to go for flare cuts designs. Those designs are versatile and you can wear them even without a belly.

Measurements to look out for: Bust, Waist, Length

3. Bodycon Styles

Bodycon dresses or tops accordingly to most pregnant mothers are the best and easiest to style. Even though designs like this can only be worn for the next 9 months but it is worth the splurge. Besides bringing style to your wardrobe, it is comfortable too. This is an opportunity for you to embrace your growing body while looking hot and sexy.

Don't be surprise if the measurements for these dresses are smaller than your usual measurements. Bodycon designs are very stretchable. Our designs can stretch up to 8-15cm.
Not sure where to start? Click here for more suggestions.

4. Office Wear

Ofice Maternity Wear

For working mothers, it can be a pain to find the right working attire while you are pregnant. We know because we've gone through the same thing. Don't worry, we got that covered too.
Maternity Bottoms

What you want is a pair of good and comfortable office pants. Just pair them with your long tops that you purchased for your Date Night.

Office Work Wear
If you don't like wearing pants, look for A-Cut or flare cut dresses. They flow with your body, create a sense of elegance and is extremely comfortable because of the cutting of the dresses. These were my holy grail of many pregnant mothers.

For more designs of flare dresses, click here.

This is the end of the starter kit. I hope we've helped kick start your shopping spree. Have fun and congratulations having on your little one. Nothing is more beautiful than a having a life growing within.