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Dual Purpose Maternity Apparels - What are they?

Written by Bernard Heng


Posted on May 10 2016

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in your life. During these months, as your body is growing you will find it difficult to fit into your usual clothes or require more comfortable apparels.

maternity wear

Maternity clothes are meant to give you that extra allowance to move freely all the way up to through your last trimester. But what do you do with them after birth? That's where dual function maternity wear comes in.

What is Dual Function maternity wear you might ask?

Dual Purpose or Dual Function maternity wear as the name says, serve two purposes.
1. Maternity - Clothes will have enough room for your growing belly throughout your pregnancy
2. Nursing - They all come with specialised nursing access for convenient breastfeeding - sometimes as a hidden zip at the bust area or a cleverly designed overlap that makes it as simple as reaching into your pocket.

How great is that? Two for the price of one.

Still can't decide if you want to get a dual function maternity wear? Here is a list of benefits to help with your decision.

1. Durability - You can wear it from the very beginning of your pregnancy all the way till you stop breastfeeding your little one.
2. Because of the above benefit, you will be able to some save money because you will be wearing your dual purpose clothes throughout your pregnancy and after!
3. Concealed Nursing Access - Nursing access is concealed and it just looks like regular clothes.

4. Easy access to Breastfeeding - You do not need to lift up your whole dress or top just to breastfeed anymore.
5. Variations - There are different type of nursing accesses, all with easy access to breastfeeding.
6. Convenience - Your little one does not need to wait for his meal to be prepared anymore.
7. Comfort - Curated for your growing belly, most dual functions maternity wear used light weight and comfortable materials
8. Stylish - Gone are the days where maternity wear are hideous. Dual function maternity wear can be worn even after you stopped breastfeeding.

Get started on picking your favourite maternity wear designs today:

dual function maternity wear