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Cool or Warm: What's Your Undertone?

Ever wondered why some shades look better on you than others even if they are almost the same colour? Chances are, the colours that don't look as flattering on you clash with the undertones of your skin.

While skin tones refers to the surface colour of your skin, undertones refer to the subtle hues underneath the surface. Common skin tones are: fair, medium, and tan. Most people are one of three undertones: Warm, Cool, or Neutral. To find out which undertone you have, take our short quiz below!

Vein Check
Take a look at the veins on the underside of your wrists. Do they appear:
A. Blue-purple
B. Green
C. Green-purple

Jewellery Test
Try putting on a gold and a silver necklace. Which do you look better in?
A. Silver
B. Gold
C. Both looks good on me!

Sun Reaction
Recall your last day out at the beach. How did your skin react after exposure to the sun?
A. Burn
B. Tan
C. It depends on how long I'm out for!

If you answered mostly As, you are cool-toned!
You look better in cooler and jewel-toned colours such as blue, emerald, and ruby. Pastels like lilac, lavender, and light pink will also complement your pink undertones! 

The deep royal blue colour of our Belva Chain Nursing Dress in Navy will bring out the blue-ish undertones of your skin and make it shine! With its chain detail at the neckline and flattering silhouette, this is the perfect workwear for our hustling mummies!

This top comes in a beautiful jewel-toned colour that is a cross between amethyst and ruby. Pair our V Neckline Nursing Top in Purple with some light wash jeans for a casual and comfortable look!

Back by popular demand, our Stop The Crowd Nursing Dress in Blue Green is a great option for any mummy who wants to add some emerald pieces to their wardrobe. Complete your look with a silver statement necklace!

If you answered mostly Bs, you are warm-toned!
Warmer colours and gold jewellery will flatter your skin more. Take inspiration from nature and stick to earthy tones like orange, honey gold, and olive. 

Our Miles of Smiles Nursing Dress in Orange comes in a gorgeous tangerine shade that will give your skin an instant glow. Tie in the whole outfit with some gold jewellery to give off maximum sun goddess vibes!

Opt for warmer shades of green like our Quinn Collared Nursing Dress in Green if you're warm-toned. Colours containing some brown will complement your warm undertones and not wash you out!

Add some sunshine into your wardrobe with our hot favourite, Enjoy The Moment Nursing Dress in Yellow. Soak up these last few moments of summer with this ultra comfortable piece!

If you answered mostly Cs or equal for all, you are neutral-toned!
Congrats! You're one of the lucky few that can rock basically any colour. Use this to your advantage and experiment with different colours and shades.

Of course, these are not hard and fast rules that everyone must follow. These suggestions are here to act as guideline on what generally works. At the end of the day, the only rule to follow is to put on what makes you feel confident and comfortable!

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