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Behind the Scenes: The Journey From Sketches to Dresses!

Written by Li Ying Lee


Posted on June 25 2019

Ever wondered how our stylish maternity and nursing wear transform from print to parcel? Here’s a step-by-step documentation of our manufacturing process!

Brainstorming and Sketching
Our in-house fashion designer first will gather inspiration for various themes and create mood boards for each collection. With the themes in mind, she will start on the sketches of the apparels.

Factory Visit
We then fly down to keep up-to-date with the operations of the factories and learn about new materials that are coming in. While there, we will also conduct a complete quality check rundown of the factory. Pictured below is our Co-Founder Chelsea feeling overwhelmed by the wide selection she can choose from!

Material Test
The quality of the materials will be thoroughly checked for any defects. This includes the strength and discolouration of the fabric. Additionally, the fabrics will undergo a shrink test and a colour run test. These tests are run to ensure that our mummies enjoy the highest quality possible!

Printing of Prints
Printing is the process of using different types of colour to make a specific pattern on the fabric. Pieces that require printing include our Zandria Nursing Jumpsuit and Luna Mermaid Hem Nursing Dress!

Quality Checks
After the garment is completed, it will undergo two rounds of quality checks to look for manufacturing defects.

Packaging and Shipping
Once all the garments are sewn and checked, they will be folded, tagged, and packaged. From there, the clothes will be shipped to our warehouse, waiting to be sent to you!

And that’s the process of how your favourite breastfeeding-friendly apparels come to life – from sketches on a piece of paper to a physical piece at your doorstep! We hope that you now have a better understanding of our production process.

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