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Bodily Changes

Written by Jump Eat Cry Maternity


Posted on April 04 2020

The human body changes in many ways throughout pregnancy. There’s no way to sugar coat it, pregnancy is a beautifully hard part of life. Some mommies are blessed with not having to deal with morning sickness, and others, not so much. Each woman’s experience during pregnancy is different, but here are five of the many things that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy! 

1. Larger Breasts


Beginning with the most obvious! Pregnant women will come to find that their breasts get bigger during pregnancy. This is because there is an increased number of fatty tissue and blood flow to help the mother prepare for nursing. 

2. Pregnancy Glow

The most common bodily change that every expecting mom warmly welcomes! Pregnancy glow happens naturally because there is an increased blood flow to the skin. There’s nothing like effortlessly looking fresh and radiant everyday. 

3. Fuller Hair

  At one point or another, everyone’s been worried about the number of hair stuck in the drain. Lucky for expecting moms, they won't be worrying about hair loss as much during their pregnancy! An expecting mom will have thick and healthier hair from the increase in estrogen. But this also means she’ll have more hair grow on her body too, including undesired places!

4. Linea Nigra

This is a line forming at the middle of a woman’s belly running downwards a woman’s body to her pubic bone! This happens because of the unsteady hormone levels she experiences during her pregnancy. Don’t worry! This line often fades with time after giving birth.  

5. Body aches

Much like a growing child, actually growing a child will give you body aches! This is because the woman’s body is preparing her for delivery. Her body is making pregnancy hormones that stretch her joints and ligaments, which can lead to body aches at different parts of her body! This is also the cause of the pregnancy waddle! 

These are some of the bodily changes you can expect to go through when you are pregnant. But don’t fret! Embrace the miracle of having a little one growing in you, there’s nothing more amazing than that. Before you know it, you will be holding his or her little hand walking through the beautiful journey of life together!

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