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Breastfeeding Week - Instagram Takeover

Written by Jump Eat Cry Collaborator


Posted on August 26 2019

Hi Mummies! Remember Breastfeeding Week? For the entire week we had special content, including two Instagram takeovers by @nadnut and @melissackoh!

Mummy Melissa Koh shows us her typical day as a working mom while also breastfeeding her baby, as she attended meetings and completed errands while also bringing her baby along! What a powerful mom indeed! 


We also saw Mummy Nadia show what it was like as a stay-at-home mom instead, as she looks after her two kids and runs errands with her kids as well. She mentions that it’s definitely much easier for her to breastfeed than a working mom as she’s able to feed her baby in the comfort of her home, and how it’s definitely made easier by Jump Eat Cry’s easy nursing access. 


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