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The Different Types of Nursing Access

Written by Li Ying Lee


Posted on August 01 2020

Ever feel overwhelmed by the different types of nursing accesses as a new mum or mum-to-be? Fret not! We have collated a comprehensive guide on the different nursing styles available here at Jump Eat Cry, as well as the tips and tricks to nurse with each of them! Read on to find out more! 

Lift Up Nursing Access

This nursing access features a layer of fabric over the bust. To reveal nursing openings,  simply lift up the fabric at the empire line. Lift up access is one of our mummies crowd-favourites as it's easy, convenient and practical. Perfect for mummies who wish to nurse discreetly too as it does not reveal much skin! See Cayline Printed Nursing Dress.

Pull Aside Nursing Access

Most commonly found on wrap-style dresses and tops, pull aside access provides mummies with a truly fuss-free nursing experience. Just pull aside and nurse comfortably! Plus, we bet people can’t tell it apart from a regular dress! See Cali Striped Wrap Nursing Dress.

Side Seam Nursing Access

Type 1: The nursing seams are usually camouflaged by pleats or by an outer overlying layer. The openings are situated along the bust line at the front. Simply unzip both or either sides to nurse. Super discreet and convenient when you require a quick pump session! See Esme Bodycon Nursing Dress.

Type 2: The second version of the side seam access runs parallel along the sides, making it look less like a nursing wear. Simply zip it down too if you wish to nurse! See Leya Embroidered Nursing Top.

Bust Seam Nursing Access

It has a zip across the entire bust line, usually concealed and can be zipped on either direction when nursing or pumping. An ultra functional style for nursing mummies! See Stripes Knitted Nursing Dress in Grey.

Vertical Seam Nursing Access

This type of nursing access has a concealed vertical slit on the neckline to access nursing openings. To nurse or pump, simply pull the zip downwards. We love how the front zip also adds an aesthetic flair to the overall design! See Claire Printed Nursing Jumpsuit.

Button Down Nursing Access

With no nursing zip, simply unbutton and nurse without needing a nursing cover! Some pieces come with an inner piece for even more discreet feeding. Best part is, these styles look exactly like any other tops or dresses! See Gracie Side Ribbon Nursing Dress.


Apart from choosing a nursing access style that is most convenient for you, the material you pick is of great importance as well as it comes into direct contact with you and your baby. Avoid artificial dyes or non-natural or synthetic fabrics that may cause irritation.

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