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Get to know our Co-Founders!

Written by Alina Ho


Posted on November 15 2018


#TeamJEC made a special campaign this week to feature our Co-Founders - Bernard and Chelsea! 

From nothing to everything, you will see how both founders overcome every challenge together to be where they are now. 

Watch the video below to know more about Jump Eat Cry earlier days as well as how the both of them manage JEC together as business partners and married couple!

xoxo, #TeamJEC


Question 1:
How did the business start? How are the early days like?

Chelsea: Business started because of my sister-in-law when she got pregnant with her first child, she had difficulties finding nice maternity wear so this is where I decided to source for her and started designing our own JUMP EAT CRY label, Mothercot.

Bernard: The early days like were really very stressful where we were trying to figure out how to put everything together. How to even start to make your first dress, I still remember those times and how to even get our first shipment to go out.

Chelsea: It’s actually very fun come to think about it but of course, when dealing with the process you feel very stress about cash flow, deadlines, about many other things. It’s actually a very good experience for us, it actually strengthens our relationship and also let us learn how to work together well.

Question 2:
What are some challenges you face managing a business and how did you overcome them?

C: For me, the biggest challenge was actually the first year, we transit from my home to an office. At that time, the downpayment is a lot and I don’t really have much cash flow. I had a lot of sleepless night and because I couldn’t sleep, I will call Bernard at 3 am in the morning to tell him about my problems.

B: I think one of the biggest challenges for the both us was I was from Science background, she was from the finance background and starting a business have a lot of challenges from designing, logistics, operations and managing so I think every single aspect was a challenge for us. The biggest challenge would probably be taking the risks of making our first batch of Mothercot label where it was a really big decision for us.

Question 3:
What are the biggest achievements in JEC?

B: I think one of the biggest… more like a personal achievement when Chelsea had customers come up to you and hold your hand and it changed our belief in everything.

C: (Ya, every time I say that I want to cry) There was once a customer come up to me, she holds my hand and she looks me in the eye and tells me “Thank you so much for designing such beautiful clothes to get me out of my depression.” I guess that’s my biggest achievement. I have never expected us to create something that really impacts people.

B: My biggest achievement… would be learning almost every different aspects of things and try to get things running smoothly. Having been able to move boxes in the room to having our own a proper warehouse and even outsourcing to other warehouses as well.

Question 4:
Are there any tips you have for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business?

C: I can finally say my phrase! “Aim for the stars and land on the moon”

B: Most importantly is to really persevere. There will definitely be very very challenging times, challenging moments. There are many times where you will want to give up, just persevere and if you have someone to motivate you, someone to be there for you, make sure the someone will be to pull through with you as well.

Question 5:
Being an e-commerce online store, will you look into a retail store in the near future? / We heard about your retail plans! Share with us more about it!

C: Yes, we finally going to open a retail store! After one year of negotiation on finding places, we finally decide on one a location and we just signed a contract with them!

B: We are hoping to have our first store open in Oasis Terraces in Punggol, close to where most of our mummies are by the end of this year.

Question 6:
Why did you join Chelsea? / How did you convince Bernard to join you?

B: At that point in time, Chelsea was really very busy, she was hardly getting any sleep and she was practically working 14hours a night. That was when I left my job and came to join Chelsea to work together and that's also the same time we decided to commit ourselves 200% so that we can get our own office, own label and everything in together.

Question 7:
What's your first quarrel for the business about? 

B: We both have very different working style, we had very rough patches in the beginning but I think that also prepare us for marriage where so far we haven't had any implications since we have gone through the worst together.

C: I think our working style is very different. Bernard is very last minute, and I am those kinds that I will plan my time. So I thought our first quarrel is due to his deadlines.

Question 8:
Is there anything that you would like to say to our #JECmummies?

B: I think our most rewarding moments is always because of all our #JECmummies especially at the fairs where you meet up with us and share your experiences and give us the feedbacks that not just motivates us but also to improve ourselves.
C: Thank you for believing in us, accompanying us through our journey even though you know we are a very young company, we don’t have many experiences and everything but you have always been very supportive to us and giving a lot of constructive feedback to us.

Question 9:
How to have work-life balance?

B: One of the most important answers to this is that as a married couple, we are practically together for 24/7, is really to draw a line when there is a time to let go of work we really have to restrict each other from talking about work. It’s very tempting to just come up with a question, come up with a point. We just had to tell each other to save this for the meeting later, let’s talk about it later.  
C: This is something we are still working very hard to achieve…. But we are almost there!

Question 10:
How is it like working together?

B: I think working together, we have to really understand each other, know each other very well especially differences between each other. We both have very different personalities, and I think once we get used to each other and understand each other very well, that’s where things are able to run on a much smoother basis. 

C: Yes, I agree. 

What do you do after work?

C: I love to cook so I have been cooking to destress.

B: After work, to me is usually to wait for dinner. And I usually just sit back, watch shows to enjoy the evening before sleep.