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Interview with Mummy Kristina

Written by Huiling Song


Posted on July 15 2018

About the JECmummies Interview Series

Pregnancy and motherhood is a tough, bittersweet journey. A journey that we think should be celebrated! So we’ve started an initiative to interview our loyal #JECmummies to share their stories.

Regardless of whether you are a first-time mummy looking out for what to expect in the months ahead, an overwhelmed mummy looking for some motivation, or a mummy who is looking for more tips and stories from fellow mummies, we hope that this new initiative by us will motivate, inspire and touch your hearts.

Mummy Kristina & Baby Isabelle

"Sometimes we blame ourselves as mothers or as adults... I think that's something that she brought out in me to learn to be more patient with her, with myself and with my husband, or with people around me in general..."

Watch the video below to find out what Kristina's motherhood journey has been like thus far and how much Baby Belle has taught her along the way. We have to agree that, when you nurture a child, you grow as a person too.
With love, #teamJEC