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Meet The JEC Team

Written by Huiling Song


Posted on June 26 2018

Have you ever wondered what goes behind Jump Eat Cry?
For you, our curious customer, we will now give you a peek into who are the little hardworking elves in Jump Eat Cry's workshop. 

First up!
Meet Bernard! Our co-founder who is also The Voice of Reason.
He is our fairy godfather who takes care of everything but this fairy godfather does have his quirks as well... We can't really explain further so let his actions speak louder than our words:

Meet Chelsea! Our other co-founder who is also a Dress-making Genie!
That's right, she's the chic designer behind all the beautiful Jump Eat Cry apparel. However, she is known for her mild OCD in the office... See what are some things she's super particular about:

Meet Charmaine! Our President of Miscellaneous Stuff.
Apart from her super good photography and Photoshop skills, she’s good at 1001 other things! You name it, she can do it! She's also the emotional queen in our office, our office would be SO boring without her presence! Thanks for brightening up the atmosphere Charmaine! Check her out:

Meet Vanessa JEC’s Van(essa) Gogh.
With her creativity and a stroke of her mouse, all the beautiful artwork for our campaigns are completed! However... she's quite an acquired taste... Some may call it the 'creative madness'...

Meet Huiling! Our Alchemist of Aesthetics.
Being an avid online shopper herself, she can read fashionista mummies’ mind, and that means YOUR mind, which is also why you will always fall for her social media posts! (Just like how we always fall for her nonsense)

Last but definitely not the least...
Meet Alina! Our digital dark lord.
She's also the most EXTRA person in the office with her extra monitor, extra keyboard, extra water bottle and extra hardworking! Don't be fooled by her looks/expressions, she's hard on the outside, soft on the inside:

That's all from our team!
Hope you have enjoyed the little snippets of our office fun!
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