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Pregnancy Hacks

Written by wen ting lu


Posted on March 23 2020

Pregnancy is a difficult period for any woman, there are a lot of daily struggles that come with growing a baby in your tummy. Here are six life hacks to make your life a little easier during your pregnancy! 


  1. Keep Your Pants Up

Keep your pants up with a hair band by looping through the eye of your pants and back onto the button. You can do the same if your zipper keeps unzipping! Just make sure you pick the right hair band thickness to loop through the holes. 


  1. Replace Shoelaces with Rubber bands

Loop your hair bands into the loops meant for your shoelaces, and tie it into a knot. Repeat for both sides and through each layer. Bonus points if you use colourful hair bands for a rainbow effect! 


  1. DIY Pregnancy Pillow

Make your own pregnancy pillow with 5 large pillows! Sew the sides of the pillows together into the 3 sides of a rectangle; two on each side of the longer ends, and one in the middle. You can always rip the seams after your pregnancy to get your 5 pillows back! If you don’t want to sew the pillows together, you can always strategically arrange the pillows around your body.


  1. Emergency Bra Extenders

Using a paperclip extend your bra by looping it through the eye of your clasp. Voila! Now just hook the hook of your bra to the curved end and you now have a bra extender! No need to purchase new expensive bras!


  1. Extended Arms

Not what it sounds like, but with a growing belly it’s difficult to reach some items. Especially if it's on the floor, reaching things is suddenly more difficult and embarrassing in some scenarios. Try using kitchen tongs or a claw stick to reach dropped items without difficulty. Time to make use of those ‘giap giaps’!


  1. Belly Table

Making use of your baby bump! Get comfortable in your chair leaning back a little, when you’re ready, use your baby bump as a table for food or beverages. We recommend sticking to just one plate at a time so as to not make a mess!