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Styling Tips for Every Mummy

Written by wen ting lu


Posted on September 07 2019

Hi #JECMummies! Unsure of what to wear for the week at the office, or for more casual occasions such as brunch with family or friends? Having a hard time deciding between two outfits for a weekend trip? Fret not! We’ve got you covered.

Chelsea, co-founder of JEC, takes us through some outfit suggestions with different categories: The 9 to 5, Casual Friday, Sunday Brunch, and Weekend Getaway.

For each category she pairs each piece with a matching set for your little one: for example, our Amrita Nursing Dress, if worn with a blue belt or blue accessories, can be paired with our Ava Print Romper! It’s an interesting combination, and definitely one that’ll impress everyone! Chelsea demonstrates how, if your desired matching sets are sold out, you can still match with different apparels with hints of the same colour in your outfit, whether it’s in a little bit of blue in your buttons, watch, belt or otherwise.

She also explains some of the dresses’ functions, such as snap-on buttons that help with easier access for breastfeeding, as well as an inner lining to the dresses to ensure you’re not exposed fully while breastfeeding.

For every apparel shown, there’s also a corresponding Jump Eat Cry shirt or romper for your little one to match with you, whether it’s for your little girl or little boy! 

Watch the video on our IGTV here